Monday, December 20, 2010

Use Your Scraps - December 2010

If you know me then you know that I do not believe in scraps.  Well, I don't believe in collecting scraps.  What?  You ask.  Well, when I create a layout, I always create a card immediately.  Yep...always.  I have cards for every occasion and can grab a card for any event at moments notice.  Yay! I use my scraps right away!  Sometimes, I create 2 cards.  And lately, I've been creating a card and an ATC: Artistic Trading Card.  ATC's are little works of heart that crafters trade, use a business/calling cards, use to decorate pages or simply to create a collection to commemorate an achievement!

This year I reached my goal of losing 120lbs.  One of the gifts to myself or creations I want to make to remind me of this FANTASTIC goal is to create a board which features 120 ATC's, one for each pound I lost.  I have gathered some from friends and the rest, I am slowly but surely creating with my scraps.  As I create each layout, I add a card and an ATC to my collection.  Here are a few I created using the December APIT Kit using the My Mind's Eye and Little Yellow Bicycle Collections.

My layouts and cards can be viewed on the APIT site.  However, here are my two ATC's.

Next, time you sit down to create, instead of filing your scraps away for some distant, never seen date in the future.  Create a card for someone you love and an ATC to share!

Enjoy!  Happy Holidays!


  1. Excellent idea and cards Tiare!
    I love making ATC from my scraps but I haven't made any in way too long.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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